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This is actually a two-week round-up because I was out of town last weekend and didn't get a chance to compile the prompts. Sorry about that, everyone! On the plus side, it means we have lots of prompts to choose from with this update! As a reminder, prompts and fills are also updated more frequently on our Pinboard account.

Filled Prompts
None this week. Maybe the unfilled prompts will spark some inspiration for next week!

New unfilled Prompts

Open/Unspecified Pairings or Gen
  • Ciel + lying [Sebastian/Ciel, Ciel/Lizzy, or gen]
  • Grell + The Color Red [any pairing or gen]

  • Sebastian/Ciel + shaving
  • Missing Scene of Chapter 65 injured Sebastian BAMF Ciel
  • Sebastian/Agni, butler aesthetics
  • Soma/Agni + Hand of God

    Ciel/Doll lemon [side pairing Sebastian/Ciel]

    Check out previous unfilled prompts on Pinboard.

    You can fill a prompt or leave your own at the open meme.
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