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Weekly Prompt Round-Up

It's time for the first prompt/fill round-up here at [community profile] kuroshitsuji_kink! As a reminder, prompts and fills are also updated more frequently on our Pinboard account.

Filled Prompts

None yet, but then, we've only been around for a week. I'm crossing my fingers that writers are hard at work bringing some of these delicious ideas to life.

Unfilled Prompts


  • Sebastian/Ciel + blood.
  • Sebastian/Ciel + experimentation

    Agni/Soma + body worship

  • Sebastian (/Will) + masturbation

  • Ran Mao/Mey-rin/Nina Hopkins + threesome

  • Sebastian/Ciel/Lizzy + sex tutor

  • Snake + snakes (masturbation

    If you submitted a prompt, I encourage you to try to adopt another one. Let's get some fills next week, okay?